Acres Homes Lacrosse

Sharing the Creator's Game with Our Neighbors while Helping Families of Color Navigate a More Direct Path to College Graduation

We are a non-profit youth development organization in Northwest Houston. Our goal is to introduce lacrosse to girls and boys in our area, and to assist those youngsters and their families in their academic, and their athletic pursuits, and to help guide them along a college preparatory tract.

We do this by monitoring their academic progress and providing tutoring and/or guidance when needed, and also by exposing them to different college preparatory opportunities. On the athletic front, we help advance their lacrosse skills by holding clinics and by sponsoring youngsters to local clinics and camps and to out-of-town camps.These are experiences and advantages shared by many in the greater Houston lacrosse community, but cost prohibitive for many or most families that we serve.

Part of our reason for being is to mitigate and minimize those costs for these families. We do this by soliciting help from our friends and neighbors and from the greater lacrosse community.

We hope to eventually field teams of 4th, 5th, and 6th Graders. AHL is committed to recruiting and training law enforcement officers and other adults who volunteer to coach while we continue to support our student athletes at our host schools, Frank Black Middle School, Roberson Middle School and Drew Academy, and those who have moved on to various high schools.

Acres Homes Lacrosse Team
Arriving at UT-Tyler for Bridge Lacrosse's 2022 Summer Academy
Acres Homes Lacrosse Team
After a week of camp, three of our guys attended a PLL clinic in Dallas and met with and were instructed by Nakeie Montgomery, Duke University Graduate, PLL star, and Bridge Lacrosse Alumnus and several other PLL stars.